Qualifying Requirements

Any questions concerning qualifying standards/clarifications or general information please contact your area representative @ paclassic.com or at their individual email address.

NEW - Qualifying clarification for those effected by the quarantines and shut downs

For the 2021 season only – IF your team or gymnast was not able to get five scores due to Covid quarantine or school shutdown, you will take your highest score on each event as your qualifying average.  Follow the same steps for qualifying to determine the division.  This applies to new gymnasts of the PA Classic. 

If you have competed in prior years at the PA Classic you must still compete in that division or higher regardless of how many scores you have obtained – you may not move down a division.




INDIVIDUAL – Qualifying Requirements


Division                 Vault            Bars             Beam           Floor                      All Around

Bronze                    7.75-7.99      7.00-7.99      7.50-7.99      7.75-7.99                30.00-31.99

Silver                      8.00-8.49      8.00-8.49      8.00-8.49      8.00-8.49                32.00-33.99

Gold                       8.50-8.99      8.50-8.99      8.50-8.99      8.50-8.99                34.00-35.99

Diamond                 9.00 & up     9.00 & up     9.00 & up     9.00 & up               36.00 & up

NOTE:   Male gymnasts must be in proper uniform – stirrup pant or shorts

Skill limitations for Bronze Division

The following skills may NOT be performed in the bronze division.  Judges will be instructed to void the routine if these skills are performed.


Vault                9.6 Value vaults and above                   Beam               Flight series (acro flight series w/2 flight skills)

                                                                                                            Any AHS acro skill

                                                                                                            Dance AHS are permitted


Bars                 Giant Swings (any variation)                  Floor                Full twisting salto or more (any position)

                        Any AHS skill                                                                Any AHS acro skill

                                                                                                            Dance AHS are permitted


***A gymnast may use their district scores to benefit their qualifying for the PA Classic after acquiring their five scores.



A gymnast may only place in the top three ‘on any event’ consecutively in the bronze division for two years maximum.  Otherwise he/she will need to compete in the silver division.  This is to promote development and growth in the individual gymnast and to prevent repeated awarding for complacency and non-improvement.


FIVE (5) Scores will be needed for individual qualifying purposes.


TEAM – Qualifying Requirements

115.000 – 160.000

Teams must attain a qualifying average greater than or equal to 115.000 qualifying average to enter the championship.  Team scores obtained at Invitational, Tournament & District competitions will help establish the direction of your team’s division.  We will then consider the qualifying average and the ideal score to determine the final team’s division bracket.                    


To be eligible for PA Classic Team Competition –

            Your team must be:

                        Recognized by your school as a varsity team or club

                        Follow PIAA eligibility requirements

                        Wear a school uniform – (male gymnast’s uniform, stirrup pant or shorts)

                        Have four or more members from same school or school approved co-op

                        Be in your area’s competition schedule – you must compete with each team within your area

                        Must have five (5) separate meet scores

                        Include your District/League Championships team score

Qualifying Clarifications:


Ø  Scores must be obtained at PIAA officiated meets.

Ø  There must be AT LEAST FIVE separate meet scores to determine individual division.

Ø  There must be five (5) team scores to determine team division.

Ø  Your team score must be submitted from any Invitational, Tournament, District competition that was attended during that season.  You may not choose to not submit a competitions scores/results for team or individual.

Ø  All Around – each event must attain the division minimum.

          Otherwise use specialist averaging of events.  (i.e.; V 8.30, Br 7.60, Bm 8.85, Fl 8.80 = 33.55 the     bar score did not hit minimum for silver AA.  Average 3 events = 8.65 may compete gold     division AA or as a specialist.

          Bronze division only: if your event specialist average is bronze and your all around is at least          30.0 you may compete all around bronze.

Ø  Specialist – the average of the specialist event(s) determines division placement on all event.

Ø  There will be no mixing of divisions.

Ø  Any gymnast who has ever registered and/or competed USAG Level 9 must compete in the Diamond Division.  Level 8 must compete Silver or above.

Ø  Gymnasts who have previously competed at the PA Classic may not bump down a division.

Ø  Any gymnast who wins the All Around in a division with a score that exceeds that division – must more up a division for the next year’s PA Classic.

Ø  A gymnast may elect to compete in a division higher than that for which she qualified, as long as at least one of his/her events met the requirements for that division.

Ø  District scores will not bump up a gymnast into the next division for the current year’s competition.

Ø  The PA Classic Steering Committee will consider past performances at PA Classic meets when determining gymnast and team placement for this event.

Ø  All petition and inquiries must be submitted on the official petition form included in this packet.  You must present this to your area representative by February 14, 2021.

Ø  A copy of all 2019-20 score sheets (signed by PIAA officials) must be provided to your area representative by February 13, 2021.

          District VII – yours are supplied by your district representative.

Ø  Gymnast and team placement is ultimately the decision of the PACSC.

Ø  The PA Classic is an invitational high school gymnastics competition.

Ø  The official placement meeting of the PACSC will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2021 and is open to committee members and interested coaches who RSVP to their area representative by February 13.  Area rep is to notify committee of any attending coaches.

Ø  Gymnast must be present in proper attire to receive award(s).

          If an athlete is absent for awards – award will be sent with your area representative and you will          need to acquire it from them.

Ø  We will review the scores of any gymnast qualifying in to the PACL from the new Xcel program at the seeding meeting to handle any discrepancies/questions of proper division.