Information & Meet Format

The entire competition will be held in one weekend – February 23rd & 24th.  There will not be separate team and individual dates.  The emphasis will be on team while still acknowledging the individual efforts of the gymnasts.


ALL team members, regardless of individual division, will compete with their team in the session that their team qualified into.  Individual Awards cannot be presented until the completion of the entire tournament.  Team Awards will be presented at the conclusion of team session(s).  Competing teams will be able to designate five (5) competitors to be eligible for your team score.  The top four (4) will be what counts for your team score, using the fifth score as a tie breaker.  List two (2) alternate per event (they only compete for the team score if replacing a team competitor).  You will only be able to make changes in your team lineup from your listed two alternates - any other changes in gymnasts will not be accepted.


The competition will begin on Friday, February 23rd with ALL qualified individuals NOT associated with a team.  ALL individual awards will be presented at the conclusion of the entire PA Classic Championship event.  Any gymnast found to be in the wrong division before or after the awards ceremony must forfeit and return the medal(s) so it may be correctly awarded and will be eliminated from any awards for that year's competition.

 Coaches - Please verify your gymnast's eligibility - this is your responsibility!

The  Teams will compete on Saturday, February 24th.   We are tentatively planning on running all team divisions as ONE session on Saturday.  This will allow all gymnasts, coaches, spectators to see our states' best gymnasts in action!  All team awards will be presented at the conclusion of this session.






Star and Gymnast

                                                PA Classic Steering Committee