Information & Meet Format

Hello PA Classic gymnasts and coaches!


Yes!  We are having the PA Classic.  Below is the general information on the event and what we need from you as soon as possible.


Date:      Friday, March 5 (one or two sessions) 

                Saturday, March 6  (three, possibly four sessions)

Where:   Monaca Turners, 1700 Old Broadhead Road, Monaca 

Who:      High School Teams and Individual Championships


This will obviously be a different state championship than in the past.  We will make every effort to keep this event safe under the current state and local Covid restrictions.  Adhering to capacity restrictions, sanitizing equipment, wearing of masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing as best as possible.


With all of that in mind, we will need to run multiple smaller sessions to fit in all the qualified teams/gymnasts.  We are planning on using the first session on Friday for all teams and individuals who are required to wear masks during competition.  The remaining sessions will be used for those teams/individuals who may remove their mask while competing.  We will use your teams qualifying standard to determine which session you will compete in.  For individual gymnasts, we may have a separate session for you or you might be mixed in with team rotations to balance the capacity totals.  All sessions will run four events warming up, then you'll compete the four events.


There will be no spectators permitted in the competitive area.  BUT, Monaca Turners does have a banquet hall where you will be able to view the live streaming of all four events.  You will be able to purchase food and drink in that venue.


For team scores, we will take the individual scores from the gymnasts you designate as your team line up.


Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the last session.  Those not in attendance, we will send those awards home with your area rep and you may obtain your award from them.


What we need from you right now...

School name

Coaches that will be in attendance

Complete Roster with each gymnasts estimated division placement and events.

Team division - if you're entering the team competition and estimated division.

Does your team/gymnast WEAR MASK DURING COMPETITION?


Please send this info to Amy Caprino at

This is to help us start making plans for the timing and size of sessions.


NEW - Qualifying clarification for those effected by the quarantines and shut downs

For the 2021 season only – IF your team or gymnast was not able to get five scores due to Covid quarantine or school shutdown, you will take your highest score on each event as your qualifying average.  Follow the same steps for qualifying to determine the division.  This applies to new gymnasts of the PA Classic. 

If you have competed in prior years at the PA Classic you must still compete in that division or higher regardless of how many scores you have obtained – you may not move down a division.

Don't forget to order your clothing for the PA Classic!!!  Proceeds will help purchase the awards.

Follow this link for a variety of clothing...


Hope to see you all at the PA Classic!

Thank you,


Star and Gymnast

                                                PA Classic Steering Committee