Dates & Location

PA Classic Championships

Team & ALL Individual Divisions

February 22 & 23, 2019

Moon Area High School

Any questions concerning this meet or site please contact Amy Caprino @ 724-457-6618 or


Tentative Schedule of Events


Individuals & Team at Moon Area High School:


All time schedules are tentative and rely on the number of teams/individuals qualified into each division.  Every effort will be made to use warm-up/compete rotations. Final time schedule will be posted after the seeding meeting on Sunday, February 17, 2019.


Friday, February 22nd                                            

All Divisions for Qualified Teams       

4:30   Doors open                                           

4:45   Coaches Meeting                                   

5:10   Warm up 1st Rotation                                      

5:35   Gymnasts Ready                                   

5:50   March In                                               

6:00   Competition Begins &                            

             President Performers                          

9:00   Estimated time for Conclusion                

                                                       THIS IS THE TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR THE INDIVIDUALS                                        

Saturday, Feb. 23rd

Bronze & Silver Divisions                                                                        Gold & Diamond Divisions

Estimated start time -                                                                                               

          8:00 am        Doors Open

          8:30             Coaches Meeting                                    3:00             Coaches Meeting

          9:00             Warm up 1st Rotation                              3:30             Warm up 1st Rotation

          9:25             Gymnasts Ready                                    3:55             Gymnasts Ready

          9:30             March In                                                  4:00             March In

          9:45             President Performers                              4:15             Competition Begins

                              & Competition Begins

          2:00             Estimated time for Awards                      7:00             Estimated Awards   



Any questions concerning qualifying standards/clarifications or general information please contact your area representative @ or at their individual email address.